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Join InterLAN
Why join InterLAN?
The reasons to connect to InterLAN-IX vary per connected member. A recent customer survey has shown the following selection criteria, in order of importance:

A cost effective means of exchanging traffic;
A large amount of parties to peer with;
The quality of the provided services.
As member

Any company that fulfills all the following conditions can become a sympathetic member of InterLan Association:

a. Has as activity object the telecommunications
b. Acknowledges the Association Chart and is willing to participate actively to further develop the Association
c. Has a turnover by telecommunications activities smaller then 600.000 euro/year

For more information, please read the Internal Regulations and the Technical Regulations.

 Membership documents
1. Membership Request
2. Description Sheet

As partner

Any company signing an Interconnection Agreement with InterLAN can become an InterLAN partner. By signing this agreement the partner has to respect the InterLAN Technical Regulations.
The partner is also required to:

a. Be authorized to deploy telecommunications activities
b. Have as core activity object the telecommunications/IT

 Interconnection Documents
1. Interconnection Agreement

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